IRB Resources

All research studies at Lurie Children’s involving human participants require prior approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Lurie Children’s two IRBs, Panel #1 and Panel #2, are composed of a diverse selection of experts in the field of pediatric research. 

Both IRBs are organized and operate in compliance with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) regulations, as described in 45 CFR 46, for federally funded research and FDA regulations, as described in 21 CFR Parts 50 and 56, for FDA regulated research. In addition, the IRBs operate in compliance with portions of the HIPAA Privacy Rule that apply to research, as described in 45 CFR Parts 160 and 164. 


For a copy of the Federalwide Assurance (FWA)/IRB Registration (IORG)/IRB Roster, please click here

IRB Meeting Dates and Submission

IRB Panel #1 and Panel #2 Dead​lines & Meeting Dates​​​​​ for 201​​​8.​

Policies & Guidelines​

Please navigate to the following pages for all policies, procedures, and guidance for conducting research with human participants and obtaining and maintaining IRB approval at Lurie Children’s.​

Forms & Templates​

Single IRBs and IRB Authorization Agreements

For information, or questions, about IRB Authorization Agreements (IAA) or reliance agreements, allowing the IRB of one institution to rely on the IRB of another institution contact Tricia Eifler. Ph: 773.755.7482

IRB Support Staff Contact Information

General IRB inquires:​

IRB Remote-Office Hours and Schedule at Lurie Children’s

Room #19-376, Ph: x71585

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-4pm

Catherine Powers, Director, ORIC; Ph: 773-755-7489​

Tricia Eifler, Associate Director, Ph: 773.755.7482

Jessica Macha​, Associate Director, Ph: 773.755.6592

Charlotte Joshi, Assistant Director, 773.755.7424

Katie Amsden, Clinical Research Educator, 773.755.6338

Olga Jonas, Clinical Research Quality Assurance and Improvement Specialist, Ph: 773.755.6577

Research Compliance Coordinators:

Kimberly Rowan, Research Compliance Coordinator, Ph: 773.755.7425 

Erin Lynch​, Senior Research Compliance Coordinator, Ph: 773.755.6306 

Kaleigh Michalko, Senior Research Compliance Coordinator, Ph: 773.755.6567

Madeleine Kaczmarowski, Research Compliance Coordinator, Ph: 773.755.7494

Jennie Thai, Research Compliance Coordinator, Ph: 773.755.6302

Jess Ryan​, Senior Administrative Assistant, Ph: 773.755.6324​

The Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC) oversees the Lurie Children’s IRBs and provides support and education for scientific research. For more information, please visit the ORIC homepage.