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Internal Funding Opportunities

Internal Grant Award Program - Open

(Applications due on Friday, November 19, 2021)

The Internal Grant Award (IGA) program provides resources to a faculty member or other person who has PI-eligible status* to develop projects that will lead to a highly competitive extramural application for sustained research support within 18 months of receiving the award. The Fall 2021 IGA program will be accepting proposals for categories highlighted in the overview below.

Interdisciplinary Colloquia & Scientific Advocacy Awards - Open

(Applications accepted on a rolling basis)

The 2021 Interdisciplinary Colloquia and Scientific Advocacy Awards provide resources to a faculty member or other person who has PI-eligible status to: a) Bring together multi-disciplinary investigators from the Manne Research Institute, Lurie Children’s and Northwestern to share scientific knowledge and envision future research related to children’s health or b) Advocate for children’s health research at the regional and national level and raise the stature of the Manne Research Institute / Lurie Children's investigators in scientific advocacy.

Robert Louis Katz Summer Scholars Program

Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute and Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital are pleased to announce the 8 recipients of the 2021 Robert Louis Katz Summer Scholars Program. The following students, and their faculty mentors, completed an 8 week program to provide students with summer experience in research related to childhood health and disease.

  • Valerie Alvarez Renteria
    Dr. Erin Paquette, Mentor
    Project: Understanding Patient & Public Perceptions about Brain Death
  • Cole Gebert
    Dr. Tracy Gertler, Mentor
    Project: Optimizing human brain tissue transport and incubation for ex vivo exploration of mTORopathies
  • Max Jacobs
    Dr. Neeraj Patel, Mentor
    Project: The Role Of The Tibial Tuberosity-Trochlear Groove Distance In Prognostication Of Recurrent Patellar Dislocations
  • Shree Menon
    Dr. Ruchi Gupta, Mentor
    Project: Use of virtual reality intervention and guided mindfulness-based relaxation as adjuncts to reduce anxiety in children undergoing oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy
  • Shea Randall
    Dr. Lisa Akhtar, Mentor
    Project: Optimization of a Brain Slice Culture (BSC) Model of Neonatal HSV-2 Encephalitis
  • Emily Shteynberg
    Dr. Sameer Patel
    Project: Cost-Effectiveness of Treatment Regimens To Prevent Varicella
  • Antariksh Tulshyan
    Dr. Sunjay Kaushal, Mentor
    Project: The Characterization of Cardiac Stem Cells
  • Olivia Verbeke
    Drs. Michelle Macy and Kristine Cieslak, Mentors
    Project: Special Delivery-Exploring the Challenges of Safe Use of Child Restraint Systems in Children with Special Healthcare Needs

Mary J.C. Hendrix Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago is happy to announce the 2021 Mary J.C. Hendrix Outstanding Graduate Student Award recipient. The Children’s Research Fund provides one $5000 prize each year to a Manne Research Institute graduate student for their high scholastic achievement and research engagement and productivity.  Our 2021 awardee is Michael Kahl for his project, Studies of autophagy and mitochondrial fission in spinal motor atrophy

His mentor is Dr. Yongchao Ma. Visit the Ma Lab.