Cayuse: Evisions Research Suite

The Evisions Research Suite provides Lurie Children's investigators and research staff with a fully electronic research management system. This integrated, web-based electronic system allows investigators and research staff to submit grant applications, proposal approvals, award documentation and subcontracts, and IRB protocols using one username and password.


  • ​​For first time visitors, click here to set your password
  • For direct login to the Cayuse Research Suite, click here​.​ Select the desired research administration suite to access the submission forms: Cayuse SP, Cayuse 424 or Cayuse IRB
  • Cayuse password Re​set​​​

Cayuse 424 and SP

Cayuse 424 is the platform for completion and submission of federal grant proposals, delivered over a secure web connection. Cayuse SP is a sponsored project (SP) life cycle management solution that provides access to an investigator's entire research portfolio. For questions regarding Cayuse 424 or SP, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs using the staff directory​.

Cayuse 424 and SP Useful Links:

  • ​To obtain a Cayuse 424 and SP username and password, contact Diana Favela,Senior Administrative Assistant, Phone: 773.755.6559
  • Guidance​ on using Cayuse 424 and SP

Cayuse IRB

Cayuse IRB is the web-based electronic submission system for all human subjects research protocols and projects. It uses smart-forms that are easy to navigate and require only the completion of relevant questions/sections. Cayuse IRB may be accessed from any device with internet access with the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari. For questions regarding Cayuse IRB, please contact

ORIC staff is available to help train new users on Cayuse IRB at the downtown office room #19-376 by appointment during normal office hours (Monday's of IRB Meeting Days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9-4)

To open Cayuse IRB in your browser (direct access), click here​.

Cayuse IRB Login

To obtain access to Cayuse IRB, an email request for a login and password must be sent to All Cayuse IRB users must be current with their Human Subjects Research (HSR) Education. More information about HSR Education certification can be found on the IRB Education page​.

Cayuse IRB Routing

All new IRB submissions require certification and sign-off by the assigned Division and Department Head(s). For more information regarding the certificaion and sign-off pathways, please click this link​

Cayuse IRB Submission Tracking

For more information about the IRB submission Process, IRB Tracking, and Cayuse IRB Tasks, please click this link​.

Cayuse IRB Useful Links