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Center for Intestinal and Liver Inflammation Research

The aim of the Center for Intestinal and Liver Inflammation Research is to promote basic and translational research related to intestinal and liver inflammatory disorders and related complications by strengthening interdepartmental activities at Manne Research Institute and Lurie Children's, and by developing training and outreach programs.

The center seeks:

  • To provide a central base for integrating efforts on inflammation research with broad horizontal links across divisions and disease processes within the research institute and Lurie Children's;  
  • To foster extramural research funding and interdisciplinary collaborations on pediatric intestinal and liver inflammation research;   
  • To provide mentorship to trainees on intestinal and liver inflammation research in both basic research and clinical divisions.


Jeffrey B. Brown, MD

Heng-Fu Bu, PhD

Isabelle De Plaen, MD

Xiao Wang, MD, PhD

Barry K. Wershil, MD