Pediatric Practice Research Group

The Pediatric Practice Research Group (PPRG) is a well-established, regional practice-based research network founded in 1984 as a partnership of the Department of Pediatrics at Lurie Children’s and an enthusiastic group of over 50 pediatric practices.

PPRG is dedicated to understanding and promoting optimal child health and function through practice-based research in the primary care setting. Our network-based approach values excellence and innovation. Through our network of over 380 medical providers in the Chicago metropolitan area, PPRG determines best practices, delivers ongoing clinical education and evaluates outcomes relevant to our racially, ethnically and socioeconomically diverse populations.

PPRG operates within the Mary Ann & J. Milburn Smith Child Health Research Program of the Manne  Research Institute. In addition to our pediatric practice partners, PPRG also partners with the Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS) through the Center for Community Health at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, which fosters linkages between community clinicians through its Practice Based Research Program (PBRP).

Getting Involved with the PPRG

Information for Academic Researchers

The PPRG team has interests in a wide variety of topics. We have access to a diverse population of patients and we have addressed issues that are relevant to primary care. If you are interested in our research, we would like to hear from you. 

Information for Community Providers

We encourage community clinicians to partner with us. We often have new studies developing.

For information on collaborating with the Pediatric Practice Research Group, contact Patricia McGuire.


Adolfo J. Ariza, MD, PPRG Director

Helen Binns, MD, MPH, PPRG Associate Director

John V. Lavigne, PhD, ABPP, Psychology Researcher

Kelly W. Lowry, PhD, Psychology Researcher

Group Members/Staff

  • Patricia McGuire, Program Manager
  • Liliana Bolanos, Senior Research Associate