Genetics & Justice Laboratory Team Members

Principal Investigator

Sara H. Katsanis, MS

Team Collaborators

Diana Madden, Lurie Children's

Duke Students

Valedie Oray (BA, ’20)

Armani Porter (MA, ’20)

External Collaborators

Nita Farahany, Duke University

Kate Spradley, Texas State University

Advisors & Consultants

Dan H Berger, Curran, Berger & Kludt

Bruce Budowle, University of North Texas Health Sciences

Carlos Bustamante, Stanford University

Eduardo Canales, South Texas Human Rights Center

Amanda Flaim, Michigan State University

Christopher A Miles, Department of Homeland Security

Amy Mundorff, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Thomas Parsons, International Commission on Missing Persons

Amanda Sozer, SNA International

Jennifer K Wagner, Geisinger Medical Center


Contact Sara H Katsanis to collaborate or for more information about the project