Evaluation Core

The Evaluation Core provides high quality, state of the art evaluation services. Our efforts are aimed at increasing evaluation activity, increased use of evaluation findings to guide programs, services and activities, and ultimately improved quality of programs, services, and activities.

Services available

  1. Proposal stage consultation: This includes working with programs on proposal development to incorporate evaluation activities. We will advise on evaluation design, scope, and budget.

  2. Evaluation plan development: For funded proposals we can work with funded teams to develop evaluation plans that include detailed work plans, logic models, time lines, data collection processes, and tools. We can also advise on IRB proposals.

  3. Evaluation implementation oversight: For funded projects with evaluation plans, we can assist in assembling evaluation team members, structuring and monitoring processes and in some cases helping to identify personnel –for example if a project needs a .30 FTE RA, we can assist in finding a RA on staff with capacity to take on those tasks.

  4. Training for program staff in basic evaluation methods: For groups that do not have funding to conduct independent evaluations we can provide training to increase program staff capacity to develop and implement a basic evaluation to be integrated into program function.

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  5. Development of an evaluation tool library including banks of reliable survey questions, observation forms and other data collection tools on a variety of evaluation topics. Initial tool library collections will focus on healthy living, youth risk factors, and positive youth development.

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Client Testimonials

The Evaluation Core helped us conceptualize our ideas and program using a logic model that we incorporated into two grant proposals – that really helped strengthen our proposals as our ideas and metrics were able to be communicated and visualized in a format easily understood by any discipline.

Christine Stake, Neuroscience of Pain, Lurie Children's Hospital

"Sarah and Maryann were extraordinarily helpful in guiding our group through the Focus Group process. This was a brand new process for me and some of our staff and both Sarah and Maryann provided in person training and role play to allow for more comfort and success of our focus groups."

Annette Calixto-Logan, General Academic Pediatrics, Lurie Children's Hospital 

“In the middle of a very busy grant proposal, Sarah and the Evaluation Core Services team stepped in to assist and they added tremendous value to the process. Our project definitely benefited from their expertise and we appreciated how easy it was to work with them.”

Aric M. Shimek, BSN, RN, CCRN, CPN, Program Manager, Telehealth Programs, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago


"Evaluation Core has provided expertise on evaluation from the perspective of different stakeholders for a physical activity intervention. Their input on our grant application has strengthened the implementation and evaluation plan. The Evaluation Core team are a pleasure to work with and take the time to understand the needs of our research study and provide appropriate input. We are looking forward to working with them in the future."

Swapna Sammit Dave, Northwestern University