D2P Editorial Service

The D2P (Data-to-Publication) Manuscript and Grant Editorial Service provides editorial assistance for research manuscripts and grants that have reached the first draft stage.

This service is especially valuable to investigators at Manne Research Institute who may not have the time to edit their articles intensively and is useful for authors whose first language is not English.

In addition to proofreading and correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation, the service ensures that ideas and concepts are expressed clearly, concisely and effectively.

Documents submitted for review and revision will have redlined versions returned, and further versions can be exchanged during this iterative process.

Text will be formatted to conform to the requirements of the journal or agency receiving the document and turnaround time is usually three to six weeks depending on the size and scope of the project. Please be sure to request support with sufficient lead time.

Requests for services should be forwarded to: The Office of Research Development