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Biostatistics Research Core (BRC)

The Biostatistics Research Core (BRC) is a core facility of Clinical & Translational Research at the Manne Research Institute and is available to assist investigators with research projects from inception through final analysis. By developing a collaborative relationship with the BRC, researchers can raise the quality of their research, thereby improving study results and ultimately paving the way to improved therapies and cures for the patients at Lurie Children's.

Through our partnership with the Biostatistics Collaboration Center (BCC) of Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (NUCATS), we are able to offer researchers access to a broad network of biostatistical expertise.​

At the initial stages of a research project, it is highly recommended that investigators consult with the BRC for assistance. An initial consultation is provided without charge and optimizes the start up process by reviewing the study design and providing tips on data formatting​ and collection procedures. The BRC can also assist with:

  • Sample size determination
  • Data analysis
  • Manuscript preparation

Grant Support

​The BRC, in collaboration with faculty and staff from the Biostatistics Collaboration Center (BCC), offers support at no charge for Lurie Children’s investigators who are developing grant applications. Involving a statistician during the initial steps of the application helps ensure that study design, data analysis, and power analysis are appropriate and optimal, thus increasing the chances that the grant will be funded.

The goal for providing grant support at no cost is to cultivate a collaborative environment that will lead to successful grant applications.

For grant applications that BRC/BCC faculty and staff help prepare and write, it is expected that the principal investigator will invite the BRC/BCC faculty to be the lead biostatistician or co-investigator. Once funded, the BRC/BCC statistical analysts will be paid by being included for % effort as appropriate.

 A Few Simple Rules

  1. Before engaging our services, review the BRC Policy Information Sheet.  We also recommend that you review our PowerPoint Presentations:  How to Format your Data and Working with a Statistician.
  2. Before you begin collecting data for your project, meet with the statistician to help determine the best approach for your particular study.
  3. Always provide the statistician with the raw data so they can perform the analysis - they will not check the statistical work you've completed.
  4. Please allow 8 -10 weeks lead time for your project's completion.

Contact Information

To engage the services of a statistician, please complete the service request form.

If you have questions or need additional information, please email dbahena@luriechildrens.org

BRC Policies - Please read before your initial meeting with a statistician.

Diana Bahena
E-mail: dbahena@luriechildrens.org