Clinical Research

Clinical research uses both observational and interventional designs, allows description of diseases and disease outcomes, identification of risk factors that may affect treatment or prognosis, and allows study of new treatments. Our research may be conducted only at Lurie Children’s, or at multiple institutions that collaborate, share results and publish findings together. All research involving human subjects is reviewed by the Institutional Review Board.  Observational studies may use existing data from medical records, or collect data from volunteers. Studies of therapeutic interventions are available on, the largest and most comprehensive list of clinical studies being conducted in the U.S.

Clinical Research in Departments & Divisions

The research conducted in departments and divisions at Lurie Children's is outlined on each research page. Multidisciplinary teams often collaborate to study complex childhood health issues. Find out more.

Clinical Studies

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Clinical & Translational Research

We are working to speed new therapies and cures to the patients of Lurie Children’s and beyond. We are strengthening the culture of research at Lurie Children’s by maintaining and expanding a vibrant research environment that fosters and expedites clinical and translational research while adhering to the highest scientific and ethical standards.

We will be able to give all children the benefit of new, better and less toxic medications by giving our patients and other children an opportunity to participate in clinical trials of new or modified therapies for a range of serious childhood disorders. As scientists discover new information about courses and treatments of childhood diseases, we will be able to test promising new treatments and ensure they reach those who most need them.

We support research efforts by developing and expanding resources, training new investigators, promoting collaboration, increasing institutional support and coordinating systems. Our current services include:

For our services, policies, forms and other useful information, visit the Researcher Toolkit.

Clinical & Translational Research is a partner of the Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences (NUCATS) Institute, which is a member of the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Consortium, an initiative led by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


Under the leadership of William Muller, MD, our investigators are engaged in research throughout all divisions and departments at Lurie Children’s.