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Use of the terminal complement inhibitor eculizumab in paediatric heart transplant recipients

Law, Y. M.; Nandi, D.; Molina, K.; Gambetta, K.; Daly, K. P.; Das, B.

Cardiol Young. 2019 Dec 27; 30(1):107-113


Antibody-mediated rejection is a major clinical challenge that limits graft survival. Various modalities of treatment have been reported in small studies in paediatric heart recipients. A novel approach is to use complement-inhibiting agents, such as eculizumab, which inhibits cleavage of C5 to C5a thereby limiting the formation of membrane attack complex and terminal complement-mediated injury of tissue-bound antibodies. This medical modality of treatment has theoretical advantages but the collective experience in its use in the solid organ transplant community remains small. We add to this experience by combining 14 cases from 6 paediatric heart centres in this descriptive study.

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