Ultrasound-guided trunk and core blocks in infants and children

Bhalla, T.; Sawardekar, A.; Dewhirst, E.; Jagannathan, N.; Tobias, J. D.

J Anesth. 2012 Sep 26; 27(1):109-23


Regional anesthetic techniques for perioperative analgesia in children are being increasingly utilized with the reported advantages of providing superior analgesia, decreasing opioid consumption, and reducing opioid-related adverse effects. The following article reviews the available literature regarding core and trunk blocks in infants and children; specifically, transversus abdominis plane, ilioinguinal/iliohypogastric nerve, rectus sheath, lumbar plexus, and paravertebral and intercostal nerve blockade. The common indications and potential complications and adverse effects for each block are presented. Additionally, the anatomy and techniques needed for their performance are reviewed. Finally, a summary of the relevant literature in relation to each peripheral nerve block technique is included.

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