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Timing and Delivery of Fertility Preservation Information to Transgender Adolescents, Young Adults, and Their Parents

Quain, K. M.; Kyweluk, M. A.; Sajwani, A.; Gruschow, S.; Finlayson, C.; Gordon, E. J.; Johnson, E. K.; Persky, R.; Dowshen, N.; Chen, D.

J Adolesc Health. 2020 Aug 23


PURPOSE: This study aimed to examine transgender adolescents and young adults' (AYA) and their parents' preferences regarding fertility preservation (FP) information provision and discussion timing. METHODS: Data were derived from two separate studies: an online survey and semistructured qualitative interviews. Survey data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and interview data using conventional content analysis. RESULTS: Survey participants (AYA: 88% and parents: 93%) preferred gender clinic physicians provide FP information, and nearly one-third endorsed mental health professionals (AYA: 28% and parents: 26%) or fertility specialists (AYA: 23% and parents: 30%). Interview participants' FP discussion timing preferences ranged from the initial clinic visit, follow-up visits, before medical intervention, to mentioning FP early but deferring in-depth discussion to follow-up visits. CONCLUSIONS: Gender clinic physicians, mental health professionals, and fertility specialists should be prepared to discuss FP with transgender AYA and their parents. Opinions varied regarding when to provide FP information; therefore, discussion timing may need to be individualized.

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