The SPLIT Research Agenda 2013

Alonso, E. M.; Ng, V. L.; Anand, R.; Anderson, C. D.; Ekong, U. D.; Fredericks, E. M.; Furuya, K. N.; Gupta, N. A.; Lerret, S. M.; Sundaram, S.; Tiao, G.

Pediatr Transplant. 2013 May 31; 17(5):412-22


This review focuses on active clinical research in pediatric liver transplantation with special emphasis on areas that could benefit from studies utilizing the SPLIT infrastructure and data repository. Ideas were solicited by members of the SPLIT Research Committee and sections were drafted by members of the committee with expertise in those given areas. This review is intended to highlight priorities for clinical research that could successfully be conducted through the SPLIT collaborative and would have significant impact in pediatric liver transplantation.

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