The impact of surgical strategies on outcomes for pediatric chronic pancreatitis

Sacco Casamassima, M. G.; Goldstein, S. D.; Yang, J.; Gause, C. D.; Abdullah, F.; Meoded, A.; Makary, M. A.; Colombani, P. M.

Pediatr Surg Int. 2016 Nov 7


PURPOSE: To review our institutional experience in the surgical treatment of pediatric chronic pancreatitis (CP) and evaluate predictors of long-term pain relief. METHODS: Outcomes of patients 5 endoscopic treatments were associated with a lower likelihood of pain relief (OR 0.06; 95% CI 0.006-0.57; OR 0.07; 95%, CI 0.01-0.89). However, these associations were not present in multivariate analysis. CONCLUSION: In children with CP, the step-up practice including a limited trial of endoscopic interventions followed by surgery tailored to anatomical abnormalities and gene mutation status is effective in ensuring long-term pain relief and preserving pancreatic function.

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