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Successful Bridge to Transplant in a Pediatric Patient Using the SynCardia 50 cc Total Artificial Heart

Beasley, G. S.; Allen, K.; Pahl, E.; Jackson, L.; Eltayeb, O.; Monge, M.; Backer, C.; Thrush, P.

Asaio j. 2019 Feb 27; 66(2):e33-e35


Pediatric heart transplant candidates have the highest wait-list mortality of all organ candidates. Mechanical circulatory support has improved survival for many patients awaiting transplant. Biventricular mechanical circulatory support remains a particular challenge for pediatric patients. We present the smallest patient (body surface area 0.9 m) to date to receive the 50 cc SynCardia Total Artificial Heart, supported for 278 days before successful heart transplant.

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