Same-Day Evaluation and Surgery for Otitis Media and Tympanostomy Tube Placement: A Feasibility Study

Billings, K. R.; Hajduk, J.; Rose, A.; De Oliveira, G. S., Jr.; Suresh, S. S.; Thompson, D. M.

Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2016 May 18; 155(4):663-9


OBJECTIVE: To determine the feasibility of providing streamlined same-day evaluation and surgical management of children with recurrent otitis media or chronic serous otitis media who meet criteria for tympanostomy tube (TT) placement. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective matched case series. SETTING: Tertiary care children's hospital. METHODS: A comparison group (age, sex, insurance product) was utilized to determine if the same-day process decreased facility time and surgical time for the care episode. A parent satisfaction survey was administered. RESULTS: Thirty children, with a median age of 16 months (range, 12-22 months), participated in the same-day surgery process for TT. Twenty-one patients (70.0%) were male, and these patients were matched to a comparison group (similar age, sex, and insurance product) having non-same-day (routine) TT placement. The same-day patients spent significantly less time in clinic for the preoperative physician visit (average, 15 minutes) when compared with the non-same-day patients (average, 51.5 minutes; P < .001). The operative experience for the same-day patients was similar to the non-same-day patients (average, 145 vs 137 minutes, respectively; P = .35), but the overall experience was significantly shorter for the same-day patients (average, 151 vs 196 minutes for comparisons; P < .001). All parents surveyed in the same-day group were satisfied with the efficiency of the experience. CONCLUSION: The same-day surgery process for management of children who meet the criteria for TT placement is a model of improved efficiency of care for children who suffer from otitis media.

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