Safety and pharmacokinetics of a single 1500-mg dose of famciclovir in adolescents with recurrent herpes labialis

Block, S. L.; Yogev, R.; Waldmeier, F.; Hamed, K.

Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2010 Dec 24; 30(6):525-8


An open-label study evaluated the safety (n = 53) and pharmacokinetics (n = 8) of single-dose therapy with 1500 mg famciclovir (prodrug of penciclovir) for recurrent herpes labialis in adolescents. Mean Cmax, mean AUC0-infinity, and clearance for penciclovir were 9.37 mug/mL, 31.8 mug . h/mL, and 38.2 L/h, respectively, and within the range extrapolated from data in adults. Adverse events were generally mild and transient.

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