Response of an adult patient with pineoblastoma to vorinostat and retinoic acid

DeBoer, R.; Batjer, H.; Marymont, M.; Goldman, S.; Walker, M.; Gottardi-Littell, N.; Raizer, J.

J Neurooncol. 2009 Jun 10; 95(2):289-92


We report the case of an adult patient with pineoblastoma (PBL) who had a complete radiographic response following treatment with vorinostat and retinoic acid. This regimen was used to treat bulky residual tumor that persisted despite radiation therapy (RT) and two cycles of cytotoxic chemotherapy. Vorinostat and retinoic acid were chosen as an alternative to cytotoxic chemotherapy, which our patient was unable to tolerate, based on preclinical data suggesting efficacy of this combination. MRI demonstrated a complete response to this regimen, which continues to remain stable without evidence of recurrence.

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