Reexamining the Factor structure of somatization using the children's somatization inventory (CSI-24) in a community sample

Lavigne, J. V.; Saps, M.; Bryant, F. B.

J Pediatr Psychol. 2012 May 1; 37(8):914-24


OBJECTIVE: Pediatric somatization studies have used the 35-item Child Somatization Inventory (CSI-35) or psychometrically refined 24-item CSI (CSI-24). Exploratory factor analysis of the CSI-24 has identified a single factor that did not show good model fit in confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). Further evaluation of the CSI-24 factor structure is needed. METHODS: The present study examined alternative factor structures of the CSI-24 in a community sample (N = 233, ages 8-15). RESULTS: The CFA showed good fit for a single CSI-24 factor, better fit for multiple factor models, and best fit for a single, six-item factor. Construct validity for that factor was found in significant correlations with anxiety, depression, functional disability, and quality of life. CONCLUSIONS: Results are consistent with a single somatization factor, but research is needed to verify the factor structure in different, race/ethnic/demographic, and clinical groups.

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