Recall of Fertility Discussion by Adolescent Female Cancer Patients: A Survey-Based Pilot Study

Zarnegar, S.; Gosiengfiao, Y.; Rademaker, A.; Casey, R.; Albritton, K. H.

J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol. 2017 Oct 24


Many adolescent female cancer patients will survive into their reproductive years. Pediatric oncologists are advised to discuss oncofertility during treatment planning. In this pilot study, 19 adolescent females completed a retrospective survey assessing recall of a fertility discussion, satisfaction with fertility knowledge, and multiple factors that may influence recall, including parental involvement in decision-making. Eleven respondents (58%) remembered a discussion about infertility risk and 9 (47%) about fertility preservation. Most who recalled a discussion were satisfied with their fertility knowledge (10/11, 90.9%). In this study, we validated the feasibility of survey administration and identified trends in oncofertility counseling at our center.

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