Preliminary report: Surgical outcomes following genitoplasty in children with moderate to severe genital atypia

Bernabe, K. J.; Nokoff, N. J.; Galan, D.; Felsen, D.; Aston, C. E.; Austin, P.; Baskin, L.; Chan, Y. M.; Cheng, E. Y.; Diamond, D. A.; Ellens, R.; Fried, A.; Greenfield, S.; Kolon, T.; Kropp, B.; Lakshmanan, Y.; Meyer, S.; Meyer, T.; Delozier, A. M.; Mullins, L. L.; Palmer, B.; Paradis, A.; Reddy, P.; Reyes, K. J. S.; Schulte, M.; Swartz, J. M.; Yerkes, E.; Wolfe-Christensen, C.; Wisniewski, A. B.; Poppas, D. P.

J Pediatr Urol. 2018 Feb 6


INTRODUCTION: Prior studies of outcomes following genitoplasty have reported high rates of surgical complications among children with atypical genitalia. Few studies have prospectively assessed outcomes after contemporary surgical approaches. OBJECTIVE: The current study reported the occurrence of early postoperative complications and of cosmetic outcomes (as rated by surgeons and parents) at 12 months following contemporary genitoplasty procedures in children born with atypical genitalia. STUDY DESIGN: This 11-site, prospective study included children aged

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