Periostin is Upregulated in Coronary Arteriopathy in Kawasaki Disease and is a Potential Diagnostic Biomarker

Reindel, R.; Kim, K. Y.; Baker, S. C.; Shulman, S. T.; Perlman, E. J.; Lingen, M. W.; Trevenen, C.; Rowley, A. H.

Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2014 Jan 31; 33(6):659-61


Periostin was upregulated 11-fold in acute and chronic Kawasaki Disease coronary arteries compared with controls (P = 0.003). Kawasaki Disease patients had significantly elevated serum periostin values compared with febrile controls (P = 0.0086). There was no relationship between serum periostin values and age, gender or acute phase reactants; there was a relationship between serum periostin and maximal coronary artery Z scores that did not reach significance (P = 0.08). Periostin may prove to be useful as a component of a future diagnostic biomarker panel for Kawasaki Disease.

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