Pediatric respiratory medicine--an international perspective

Gappa, M.; Ferkol, T.; Kovesi, T.; Landau, L.; McColley, S.; Sanchez, I.; Tal, A.; Wong, G. W.; Zar, H.

Pediatr Pulmonol. 2009 Dec 17; 45(1):14-24


Although Pediatric Respiratory Medicine as a subspecialty has a long tradition and is well established in some countries, there is a wide variation across different regions of the world with regard to e.g. recognition of the discipline, training requirements, training facilities and clinical needs. This review summarizes the situation in North America (US and Canada), South America, Asia, Australia, Israel and Europe with the aim to highlight commonalities and differences and, ultimately, to further support continuous development of paediatric Respiratory Medicine Worldwide.

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