Ovarian teratoma mimicking features of juvenile dermatomyositis in a child

Ibarra, M.; Chou, P.; Pachman, L. M.

Pediatrics. 2011 Oct 5; 128(5):e1293-6


An 8-year-old girl complained for 4 months of right arm pain, weakness in both legs, difficulty in arising from a seated or squatting position, and 1 month of pain in her hips, ankles, and knees. On physical examination, she had weak neck flexors, weak proximal and abdominal muscles, and an assisted Gower maneuver; both knees and ankles were painful. Erythematous macules on her elbows, knees, and medial ankles were present without heliotrope rash or dilated eyelid capillaries. She had nail-fold erythema and decreased numbers of nail-fold capillary end-row loops (ERLs) (5.42 ERLs per mm [normal: >/=6.8 ERLs per mm]) without digital ulcers or tight skin. Laboratory testing revealed slightly elevated creatine phosphokinase (440 IU/L [normal:

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