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Outcomes and Time to Emergence of Auditory Skills After Cochlear Implantation of Children With Charge Syndrome

Young, N. M.; Tournis, E.; Sandy, J.; Hoff, S. R.; Ryan, M.

Otol Neurotol. 2017 Jun 29; 38(8):1085-1091


OBJECTIVE: Review perioperative complications, benefits, and the timeframe over which auditory skills develop in children with CHARGE syndrome who receive a cochlear implant (CI). STUDY DESIGN: IRB-approved retrospective chart review of children with CHARGE syndrome who had at least 12 months of cochlear implant use. SETTING: Tertiary care children's hospital. PATIENTS: Twelve children, seven males and five females. Mean age implant = 3.5 years (1.7-8.2 yr); mean duration follow-up = 4.7 years (1.5-10.1 yr). INTERVENTION: Cochlear implantation. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Auditory skills categorized into four levels, temporal bone imaging findings, perioperative complications, time to emergence of speech perception, expressive communication mode. RESULTS: All children imaged with magnetic resonance imaging had cochlear nerve deficiency in at least one ear. Speech awareness threshold improved with the CI compared with aided preoperative in 83% of children, with means of 51.7 dB SAT preoperative and 27.1 dB with the CI (p

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