Outbreak of life-threatening coxsackievirus b1 myocarditis in neonates

Verma, N. A.; Zheng, X. T.; Harris, M. U.; Cadichon, S. B.; Melin-Aldana, H.; Khetsuriani, N.; Oberste, M. S.; Shulman, S. T.

Clin Infect Dis. 2009 Jul 23; 49(5):759-63


In the summer and fall of 2007, we observed a unique cluster of cases of severe coxsackievirus B1 (CVB1) infection among Chicago area neonates. Eight neonates had closely related strains of CVB1 that were typed at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention; 2 other neonates had CVB infections, 1 of which was further identified as serotype CVB1. All had severe myocarditis; 1 neonate underwent heart transplantation, and 1 died of severe left ventricular dysfunction.

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