Osteoarticular Infections Caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae in Children in the Post-Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Era

Olarte, L.; Romero, J.; Barson, W.; Bradley, J.; Lin, P. L.; Givner, L.; Tan, T.; Hoffman, J.; Hulten, K. G.; Mason, E. O.; Kaplan, S. L.

Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2017 Jul 21; 36(12):1201-1204


BACKGROUND: Pneumococcal osteoarticular infections (OAIs) are an uncommon manifestation of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD). We describe the demographic characteristics, hospitalization rate, serotype distribution and antibiotic susceptibility of children with pneumococcal OAI over a 16-year period. METHODS: We identified patients 2 microg/mL, 3% a ceftriaxone minimal inhibitory concentration> 1 microg/mL and 15% were clindamycin resistant; these proportions remained unchanged after the introduction of PCV13. Serotypes 19A and 35B were responsible for penicillin and ceftriaxone nonsusceptible isolates in 2010-2015. CONCLUSIONS: Pneumococcal OAI represents 3% of all IPD, affecting mainly healthy infants and young children. Hospitalization for pneumococcal OAI caused by PCV13 serotypes dramatically decreased (-87%) after the introduction of PCV13.

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