Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Among Children With Congenital Heart Disease: At-Risk Populations and Modifiable Risk Factors

Ryan, K. R.; Jones, M. B.; Allen, K. Y.; Marino, B. S.; Casey, F.; Wernovsky, G.; Lisanti, A. J.

World J Pediatr Congenit Heart Surg. 2019 Oct 30; 10(6):750-758


As survivable outcomes among patients with complex congenital heart disease (cCHD) have continued to improve over the last several decades, more attention is being dedicated to interventions that impact not just survival but quality of life among patients with cCHD. In particular, patients with cCHD are at risk for impaired neurodevelopmental outcomes. In this review summarizing select presentations given at the 14th Annual Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society's Annual Meeting in 2019, we discuss the neurodevelopmental phenotype of patients with cCHD, patients at greatest risk of impaired development, and three specific modifiable risk factors impacting development.

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