Kawasaki disease and immunisation: A systematic review

Phuong, L. K.; Bonetto, C.; Buttery, J.; Pernus, Y. B.; Chandler, R.; Felicetti, P.; Goldenthal, K. L.; Kucuku, M.; Monaco, G.; Pahud, B.; Shulman, S. T.; Top, K. A.; Trotta, F.; Ulloa-Gutierrez, R.; Varricchio, F.; de Ferranti, S.; Newburger, J. W.; Dahdah, N.; Singh, S.; Bonhoeffer, J.; Burgner, D.

Vaccine. 2017 Mar 6; 35(14):1770-1779


BACKGROUND: Kawasaki disease is a complex and potentially serious condition. It has been observed in temporal relation to immunisation. METHODS: We conducted a systematic literature review using various reference sources to review the available evidence published in the literature. RESULTS: We identified twenty seven publications reporting a temporal association between immunisation and Kawasaki disease. We present a systematic review of data drawn from randomised controlled trials, observational studies, case series and reports, and reviews. Overall there was a lack of standardised case definitions, making data interpretation and comparability challenging. CONCLUSIONS: Although a temporal relationship between immunisation and Kawasaki disease is suggested, evidence for an increased risk or a causal association is lacking. Implementation of a standardised Kawasaki disease case definition would increase confidence in the findings and add value to future studies of pre- or post-licensure vaccine safety studies.

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