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ISHLT consensus statement on donor organ acceptability and management in pediatric heart transplantation

Kirk, R.; Dipchand, A. I.; Davies, R. R.; Miera, O.; Chapman, G.; Conway, J.; Denfield, S.; Gossett, J. G.; Johnson, J.; McCulloch, M.; Schweiger, M.; Zimpfer, D.; Ablonczy, L.; Adachi, I.; Albert, D.; Alexander, P.; Amdani, S.; Amodeo, A.; Azeka, E.; Ballweg, J.; Beasley, G.; Böhmer, J.; Butler, A.; Camino, M.; Castro, J.; Chen, S.; Chrisant, M.; Christen, U.; Danziger-Isakov, L.; Das, B.; Everitt, M.; Feingold, B.; Fenton, M.; Garcia-Guereta, L.; Godown, J.; Gupta, D.; Irving, C.; Joong, A.; Kemna, M.; Khulbey, S. K.; Kindel, S.; Knecht, K.; Lal, A. K.; Lin, K.; Lord, K.; Möller, T.; Nandi, D.; Niesse, O.; Peng, D. M.; Pérez-Blanco, A.; Punnoose, A.; Reinhardt, Z.; Rosenthal, D.; Scales, A.; Scheel, J.; Shih, R.; Smith, J.; Smits, J.; Thul, J.; Weintraub, R.; Zangwill, S.; Zuckerman, W. A.

J Heart Lung Transplant. 2020 Feb 24; 39(4):331-341


The number of potential pediatric heart transplant recipients continues to exceed the number of donors, and consequently the waitlist mortality remains significant. Despite this, around 40% of all donated organs are not used and are discarded. This document (62 authors from 53 institutions in 17 countries) evaluates factors responsible for discarding donor hearts and makes recommendations regarding donor heart acceptance. The aim of this statement is to ensure that no usable donor heart is discarded, waitlist mortality is reduced, and post-transplant survival is not adversely impacted.

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