Influences on parents' decisions for home and automobile smoking bans in households with smokers

Binns, H. J.; O'Neil, J.; Benuck, I.; Ariza, A. J.; Pediatric Practice Research, Group

Patient Educ Couns. 2008 Oct 22; 74(2):272-276


OBJECTIVE: To understand clinician influence on use of home and automobile smoking bans in homes of children living with a smoker. METHODS: Parents were surveyed on tobacco use, smoking bans, demographics and opinions about tobacco, including harm from environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). Responses from 463 diverse households with smokers were analyzed. RESULTS: 42% of respondents smoked; 50% had a home smoking ban and 58% an automobile smoking ban. Nonsmokers living with a smoker, those who strongly agreed in ETS harm, and those having a child

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