Implementing guidelines: Proposed definitions of neuropsychology services in pediatric oncology

Baum, K. T.; Powell, S. K.; Jacobson, L. A.; Gragert, M. N.; Janzen, L. A.; Paltin, I.; Rey-Casserly, C. M.; Wilkening, G. N.

Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2017 Jan 26; 64(8)


Several organizations have published guidelines for the neuropsychological care of survivors of childhood cancer. However, there is limited consensus in how these guidelines are applied. The model of neuropsychology service delivery is further complicated by the variable terminology used to describe recommended services. In an important first step to translate published guidelines into clinical practice, this paper proposes definitions for specific neuropsychological processes and services, with the goal of facilitating consistency across sites to foster future clinical program development and to clarify clinical practice guidelines.

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