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Identification of a novel locus associated with skin colour in African-admixed populations

Hernandez-Pacheco, N.; Flores, C.; Alonso, S.; Eng, C.; Mak, A. C.; Hunstman, S.; Hu, D.; White, M. J.; Oh, S. S.; Meade, K.; Farber, H. J.; Avila, P. C.; Serebrisky, D.; Thyne, S. M.; Brigino-Buenaventura, E.; Rodriguez-Cintron, W.; Sen, S.; Kumar, R.; Lenoir, M.; Rodriguez-Santana, J. R.; Burchard, E. G.; Pino-Yanes, M.

Sci Rep. 2017 Mar 17; 7:44548


Skin pigmentation is a complex trait that varies largely among populations. Most genome-wide association studies of this trait have been performed in Europeans and Asians. We aimed to uncover genes influencing skin colour in African-admixed individuals. We performed a genome-wide association study of melanin levels in 285 Hispanic/Latino individuals from Puerto Rico, analyzing 14 million genetic variants. A total of 82 variants with p-value

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