Headaches as a presenting symptom of linear morphea en coup de sabre

Polcari, I.; Moon, A.; Mathes, E. F.; Gilmore, E. S.; Paller, A. S.

Pediatrics. 2014 Nov 19; 134(6):e1715-9


Linear morphea en coup de sabre (ECDS) is a form of localized scleroderma that predominantly affects the pediatric population, with a median age of 10 years at presentation. The existence of neurologic findings in association with ECDS has been well described in the literature. Here we describe 4 patients with ECDS who presented with headaches, which were typical migraines in 3 of the patients. The headaches preceded the onset of cutaneous findings by at least 6 months. Our patients' cases emphasize both the importance of recognizing headaches as a harbinger of ECDS and the necessity of performing thorough cutaneous examination in patients with unexplained headaches or other neurologic disease.

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