Expanding the scope of drug repurposing in pediatrics: the Children's Pharmacy Collaborative

Blatt, J.; Farag, S.; Corey, S. J.; Sarrimanolis, Z.; Muratov, E.; Fourches, D.; Tropsha, A.; Janzen, W. P.

Drug Discov Today. 2014 Aug 26; 19(11):1696-8


Drug repurposing is the use of 'old' drugs for new indications, avoiding the need for time- and cost-intensive toxicity studies. This approach should be particularly attractive for pediatrics, but its use in this population has been limited. One obstacle has been the lack of a comprehensive database of drugs for which there already is at least one indication in children. We describe the development of The Children's Pharmacy Collaborative, which should grow over time, serve as a resource for professionals and families, and stimulate drug-repurposing efforts for a range of pediatric disorders.

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