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Effect of consumer-grade wearable device data on clinician decision making during post-discharge telephone calls after pediatric surgery

Samuel C Linton, Christopher De Boer, Yao Tian, Amin Alayleh, Megan E Bouchard, Angie Figueroa, Soyang Kwon, Jane L Holl, Hassan MK Ghomrawi, Fizan Abdullah

Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2021 Oct 1


During post-discharge telephone calls after pediatric surgery, clinicians must rely on parents/caregivers’ assessment of symptoms, which can be inaccurate and often lead to unnecessary emergency department (ED) visits. Physiology (heart rate and physical activity) data from consumer-grade wearables, e.g., Fitbit™, may inform clinical decision making, yet there has been little study of clinician interpretation of this data. This study assessed whether wearable data availability, during simulated telephone calls about postoperative, post-discharge pediatric patients, affects clinician decision making.

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