Delayed Presentation of Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction and Loss of Renal Function After Initially Mild (SFU Grade 1-2) Hydronephrosis

Bowen, D. K.; Yerkes, E. B.; Lindgren, B. W.; Gong, E. M.; Faasse, M. A.

Urology. 2015 Jun 9; 86(1):168-70


We report 4 pediatric cases of ureteropelvic junction obstruction involving delayed progression of initially mild postnatal hydronephrosis. All 4 children became symptomatic; however, 3 already had a substantial decrement of ipsilateral kidney function by the time of diagnosis. Two of these 3 patients had previous renal scintigraphy demonstrating normal differential function. We caution that counseling regarding hydronephrosis should emphasize the importance of prompt re-evaluation for any symptoms potentially referable to delayed presentation of ureteropelvic junction obstruction, irrespective of initial hydronephrosis grade. Future studies are needed to determine the optimal follow-up regimen for conservative management of hydronephrosis.

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