Composite score validity in clerkship grading

Corcoran, J.; Downing, S. M.; Tekian, A.; DaRosa, D. A.

Acad Med. 2010 Jan 27; 84(10 Suppl):S120-3


BACKGROUND: Composite score validity depends on its reliability, content, and comparison with other outcomes measures. This study examined all three aspects of a composite score used in a third-year surgery clerkship. METHOD: Composite score reliability was calculated using stratified alpha; several other reasonable composite combinations were tested. Correlation coefficients between clerkship composite scores and grades were calculated with other achievement measures. Two consecutive years were studied (N = 162, N = 159). RESULTS: The clerkship composite score reliability was .76 (Year 1) and .81 (Year 2). Positive correlations (P

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