Catheterization of the Urethra in Girls

Faasse, M. A.; Maizels, M.

N Engl J Med. 2014 Nov 6; 371(19):1849-1850


To the Editor: As Manzano et al. noted in their Video in Clinical Medicine (July 10 issue),1 it is sometimes difficult for the examiner to identify the urethral meatus when attempting to perform catheterization of the urinary bladder in girls. In such instances, it may be helpful to draw the labial tissue upward by moving the nondominant hand anteriorly after spreading the labia majora with two fingers.2 If the meatus remains hard to visualize, we suggest enlisting an assistant for the following maneuver, which we term "labial lift." Both the examiner and the assistant should gently grasp one of the . . .

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