Arrhythmia Surgery for Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

Deal, B. J.; Mavroudis, C.

Card Electrophysiol Clin. 2017 May 2; 9(2):329-340


Patients with repaired or unrepaired congenital heart anomalies are at increased risk for arrhythmia development throughout their lives, often paralleling the need for reoperations for hemodynamic residua. The ability to incorporate arrhythmia surgery into reoperations can result in improvement in functional class and decreased need for antiarrhythmic medications. Every reoperation for congenital heart disease can be viewed as an opportunity to assess the electrical and arrhythmia substrates and to intervene to improve the arrhythmias and the hemodynamic condition of the patient. The authors review and summarize the operative techniques for arrhythmia surgery that are based on the arrhythmia mechanisms.

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