An unusual cause of post-operative orbital edema in a child after general anesthesia

Tobias, J. D.; Jagannathan, N.; Sawardekar, A.; Bhalla, T.

Saudi J Anaesth. 2011 Jun 10; 5(1):105-7


We present an unusual ocular complication during the perioperative period, bilateral orbital edema in an otherwise healthy child after an outpatient surgical procedure. Ocular complications under general anesthesia remain a rare event. When periorbital edema is present, the appropriate work-up includes ruling out the potential for an allergic event by reviewing the medications administered and serum tryptase testing. Ophthalmology consultation should be considered to exclude pathology native to the eye itself. An allergist may assist in confirming a diagnosis and for allergic testing, if indicated. In our patient, the eventual diagnosis of exclusion was that of a localized reaction to the cellophane-based eye tape.

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