Advances in supraglottic airway devices for the management of difficult airways in children

Huang, A. S.; Hajduk, J.; Jagannathan, N.

Expert Rev Med Devices. 2015 Dec 25; 13(2):157-69


There are innumerable tools and devices available to facilitate airway management and life-saving gas exchange of the patient's lungs. Over the years, various designs and generations of supraglottic airway devices have proven to be effective in accomplishing this function. Their application has grown beyond the original purpose of controlling the normal pediatric airway without tracheal intubation, and has been incorporated in the difficult airway management algorithms of anesthesia societies around the world based on clear evidence of efficacy. Older supraglottic airway devices since the 1980's have been validated in multiple clinical trials to be safe and effective in the pediatric population, however there is also sufficient evidence that the newer designs have features that help overcome some limitations. These newer designs and features are effective in managing both the normal and difficult pediatric airway, and will be discussed in this comprehensive review.

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