A randomised comparison of the LMA Supreme and LMA ProSeal in children

Jagannathan, N.; Sohn, L. E.; Sawardekar, A.; Gordon, J.; Langen, K. E.; Anderson, K.

Anaesthesia. 2012 Mar 17; 67(6):632-9


We conducted a randomised trial comparing the size-2 LMA Supreme with the LMA ProSeal in 60 children undergoing surgery. The outcomes measured were airway leak pressure, ease and time for insertion, fibreoptic examination, incidence of gastric insufflation, ease of gastric tube placement, quality of the airway during anaesthetic maintenance and complications. There were no statistically significant differences between the LMA Supreme and LMA ProSeal in median (IQR [range]) insertion time (12 (10-15 [7-18]) s vs 12 (10-13 [8-25]) s; p = 0.90), airway leak pressures (19 (16-21 [12-30]) cmH(2) O vs 18 (16-24 [10-34]) cmH(2) O; p = 0.55), fibreoptic position of the airway or drain tube, ease of gastric access and complications. Both devices provided effective ventilation requiring minimal airway manipulation. The LMA Supreme can be a useful alternative to the LMA ProSeal when single-use supraglottic devices with gastric access capabilities are required.

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