A 12-year-old boy with foot lesions

Zimmerman, B.; Chamlin, S. L.

Pediatr Ann. 2013 Jan 16; 42(1):11-2


CME EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: 1.Identify the clinical presentation of granuloma annulare.2.Describe the differential diagnosis for granuloma annulare.3.Discuss the appropriate management for granuloma annulare. A 12-year-old healthy male presented to the dermatology clinic for evaluation of lesions on his feet. The lesions were bilateral and had been present for at least 6 months. Multiple topical treatments had been prescribed in the past, including miconazole nitrate 2% cream, oxiconazole 1% cream and alclometasone dipropionate 0.05% ointment. Each had been used for several weeks without improvement. Because of this, the referring doctor prescribed griseofulvin microsize 250 mg twice daily for 4 weeks and referred the patient to dermatology. The patient denied pruritus or pain. Review of systems, medical history, and family history were unremarkable.

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