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Forgoing artificial nutrition and hydration: what to make of parents' views

Canfield, K. N.; Frader, J. E. Pediatrics. 2013 Apr 10; 131(5):993-4

Newborns and Other Children: In Defense of Differential Attitudes and Treatment

Ross, L. F.; Frader, J. E. J Pediatr. 2013 Feb 20; 162(6):1096-9

End-of-Life Care Decisions in the PICU: Roles Professionals Play

Michelson, K. N.; Patel, R.; Haber-Barker, N.; Emanuel, L.; Frader, J. Pediatr Crit Care Med. 2012 Dec 20; 14(1):e34-e44

Pediatric residents' and fellows' perspectives on palliative care education

Michelson, K. N.; Ryan, A. D.; Jovanovic, B.; Frader, J. J Palliat Med. 2009 May 7; 12(5):451-7