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Amniotic fluid and serum biomarkers from women with neural tube defect-affected pregnancies: a case study for myelomeningocele and anencephaly

Tsurubuchi, T.; Ichi, S.; Shim, K. W.; Norkett, W.; Allender, E.; Mania-Farnell, B.; Tomita, T.; McLone, D. G.; Ginsberg, N.; Mayanil, C. S. J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2013 Aug 27; 12(4):380-389

Nuclear localization of folate receptor alpha: a new role as a transcription factor

Boshnjaku, V.; Shim, K. W.; Tsurubuchi, T.; Ichi, S.; Szany, E. V.; Xi, G.; Mania-Farnell, B.; McLone, D. G.; Tomita, T.; Mayanil, C. S. Sci Rep. 2012 Dec 18; 2:980