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ISPAD Annual Conference 2019 Highlights

Addala, A.; March, C.; Marks, B.; Tommerdahl, K.; Shapiro, J.; Oyenusi, E.; Yauch, L. M.; Goethals, E. R.; Ahmad, P. O.; Adhami, S.; Ng, M.; Ehtisham, S.; Agwu, J. C. Pediatr Diabetes. 2020 Feb 6; 21(2):152-157

Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes Technology Use: The Child and Family Perspective

Papadakis, J. L.; Anderson, L. M.; Garza, K.; Feldman, M. A.; Shapiro, J. B.; Evans, M.; Thompson, L. G.; Weissberg-Benchell, J. Endocrinol Metab Clin North Am. 2020 Jan 26; 49(1):127-141

Patient-Reported and Parent Proxy-Reported Outcomes in Pediatric Medical Specialty Clinical Settings: A Systematic Review of Implementation

Anderson, L. M.; Papadakis, J. L.; Vesco, A. T.; Shapiro, J. B.; Feldman, M. A.; Evans, M. A.; Weissberg-Benchell, J. J Pediatr Psychol. 2019 Nov 12; 45(3):247-265

Under Pressure to Perform: Impact of Academic Goal Orientation, School Motivational Climate, and School Engagement on Pain and Somatic Symptoms in Adolescents

Randall, E. T.; Shapiro, J. B.; Smith, K. R.; Jervis, K. N.; Logan, D. E. Clin J Pain. 2019 Sep 13; 35(12):967-974

Psychometric Properties of the Parent and Child Problem Areas in Diabetes Measures

Evans, M. A.; Weil, L. E. G.; Shapiro, J. B.; Anderson, L. M.; Vesco, A. T.; Rychlik, K.; Hilliard, M. E.; Antisdel, J.; Weissberg-Benchell, J. J Pediatr Psychol. 2019 Mar 29; 44(6):703-713