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Longitudinal Trends in Costs for Hospitalizations at Children's Hospitals

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Measures of ED utilization in a national cohort of children

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The Interwoven Nature of Medical and Social Complexity in US Children

Berry, J. G.; Harris, D.; Coller, R. J.; Chung, P. J.; Rodean, J.; Macy, M.; Linares, D. E. JAMA Pediatr. 2020 Apr 28

Emergency Care Connect: Extending Pediatric Emergency Care Expertise to General Emergency Departments Through Telemedicine

Foster, C. C.; Macy, M. L.; Simon, N. J.; Stephen, R.; Lehnig, K.; Bohling, K.; Schinasi, D. A. Acad Pediatr. 2020 Mar 1; 20(5):577-584

Experience with ponatinib in paediatric patients with leukaemia

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