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Deployed Dimensions of the GORE® CARDIOFORM ASD Occluder as Function of Defect Size

O'Halloran, C.P.; Qadir, A.; Ramlogan, S.R.; Nugent, A.W.; Tannous, P. Pediatr Cardiol. 2021 Apr 16

Transcatheter coronary artery fistula occlusion in pediatric and adult patients facilitated by detachable coils

Hopkins, K.A.; Unger, E.; Schimmel, D.; Nugent, A.; Tannous, P. Interv. Cardiol. 2021 Jan 13; 13(1):252-256

Transcatheter biventricular conversion in an adult patient with a 1.5 ventricle Glenn palliation and superior vena cava syndrome

Tannous, P.; Popescu, A.; Forbess, L.; Nugent, A. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv. 2020 Apr 29; 96(3):633-637

Invasive cardiovascular magnetic resonance (iCMR) for diagnostic right and left heart catheterization using an MR-conditional guidewire and passive visualization in congenital heart disease

Veeram Reddy, S. R.; Arar, Y.; Zahr, R. A.; Gooty, V.; Hernandez, J.; Potersnak, A.; Douglas, P.; Blair, Z.; Greer, J. S.; Roujol, S.; Forte, M. N. V.; Greil, G.; Nugent, A. W.; Hussain, T. J Cardiovasc Magn Reson. 2020 Mar 28; 22(1):20